Flex Run 3D: Flexy Yoga


Furniture and cartoon models make up Flex Run 3D, a 3D animation of a yoga simulation arcade game. Your objective is to clear all obstacles before attacking the wall. In addition, you can alter your posture and pose in real-time. You'll be able to make various movements with a girl and two additional girls with your drag controls. After reaching the final wall, alter your position to join the circle of numbers on the purple walls. Good luck and have fun with the six skins!

Your goal is to demonstrate superhuman agility while avoiding all obstacles. They could be tree trunks, sharks, or even walls. If they are defeated, they will lose all of their strength and energy. Don't be too concerned.

Move the character using your finger! Are you able to successfully spend incoming obstacles?
Change the position of your character with your finger! Are you able to overcome the 3D professional challenges?
You can design a flexible yoga position that will assist you in overcoming any hurdle.
Create hard 3D yoga poses with Flex Run Yoga Positions 3D.

One of the casual games is Flex Run Yoga Positions 3D.
- Adjust your position in response to incoming impediments!
Flexibility and Comfort By shifting your finger position, you can feel different bodily positions.
With a touch of one finger, skip and stretch.
Physics-based animation
- Game control using stretching mechanism - You can test yourself in any posture you like, according to the impending difficulties one by one!
- Attractive and simple-to-use visuals with an excessive number of levels for a better user experience
Play amazing games without stopping!
As you maneuver the yogis' arms and legs into the precise yoga positions depicted in the upper corner, enjoy their puppet-like behavior. While posing for the sporty pair. In the beginning, you'll have to test your posing skills by commanding only one yogi. After proving your mastery of posing one yogi, you'll move on to the more difficult but rewarding challenge of posing a yoga pair! The positions become increasingly challenging as you continue, and gym equipment will be incorporated to add variety. The key to completing the level is to find the right balance! Flexible, rushing, Reiner, three-dimensional game Guys.
Have fun, and enjoy this relaxing experience. Free and easy to play game